Buddha Balance Support


2 Responses to Buddha Balance Support

  1. Sandra derr says:

    Would like to know the if there’s a blog for this app, also more information on the what the scores mean, how long to do each day etc


    • Other than this support site, the blog site is https://stickywicketapps.com/buddha-balance/ – you can be the first to post something!
      Slow breathing has been proven to lower blood pressure, and studies show that the effect is immediate. Here’s a suggestion to practice slow breathing for 15 minutes at a time, 4 or 5 times a week:
      I chose Prana as a way of scoring the time and difficulty level achieved because in Sanskrit it is the life-sustaining force of all living things. Of the five pranas, the first one, also called prana, is responsible for the beating of the heart and breathing. The scores are a way of accumulating time and effort spent in Buddha Balance. The specific numbers for prana gained are just like points scored playing a game.

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