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  1. Jen says:

    I was wondering what the requirement was to get to the “new” field of flowers.
    The “honey” mark, I understand I need to make a jar of honey out of that field prior.
    The “money mark”, I believe is to find the “Star.”
    What I could not understand was the “bee” mark…


    • D P says:

      I would still like to know how to open new fields of flowers, such as roses. What is needed. I enjoy the game but would appreciate an answer.

      • So maybe we should add popups if you tap on one of the empty stars to say what is needed? I’ll tell you what is needed for the roses – 25 worker bees, 6 jars of honey, and have 150 coins. For each new level, keep advancing in the missing star until it’s golden.

      • D P says:

        Thanks but after thevdelay I finally figured it out on my own. I’ve opened all levels. Graphics are great but not customer support. Will you add new flower gardens. No snakes this time, OK. That’s a teaser for those who haven’t reached certain levels.

        New flower gardens? I have nothing more to work for and this is good entertainment. Well thought out but customer support could be better. Thanks!

      • D P says:

        Pop ups are a good idea, though Ive already done it. Others would benefit greatly. I kept having to guess. I huts downloaded HD..or tried. Can you transfer my stuff? No big deal if not. How about transferring just my DF spray, since it cost me three dollars. πŸ™‚

      • D P says:

        Pop ups are a good idea, though Ive already done it. Others would benefit greatly. I kept having to guess. I huts downloaded HD..or tried. Can you transfer my stuff? No big deal if not. How about transferring just my DF spray, since it cost me three dollars.

        Added: I see no difference between HD version and the other..except I can start over. It doesn’t rotate, etc. Is there a difference? The graphics were great before. I wish you success with this.

      • Hi D P, I don’t know what you mean by a delay, I answered you in 3 hours and 47 minutes, and you don’t know what part of the world I’m in so it could have been 4:57 in the morning. I’m glad you like the game! The next level is Lotus Pond, coming soon. After that, more levels and also missions. We will try to set up the missions so that the game never ends. The HD version has larger and more detailed graphics, and while the objects are twice as big the screen is more than twice as big, so you can see farther. Other than that it’s the same. We made a separate iPhone version because older iPhones couldn’t handle the iPad-sized graphics. Sorry about the dragonfly repellent, I’ll try to think of a way to handle that. Apple requires that they be separate items because they’re in separate games – you can’t purchase the same item in two different games, and they don’t provide any way to connect different items. But I could probably do it through a separate web server.

      • D P says:

        It is me, again! So sorry but I just posted also on “Bees” and I think that is why I thought there was a delay. I believe I mistakenly posted on Bees not Bees Support. Sorry for any confusion I may have generated. I’m through poring, so relax

  2. The bee mark is the number of worker bees you have. Only one displays while you’re foraging for pollen, but the number you have is shown next to the worker bee icon in the top left corner. You can get more worker bees as presents, and mainly by having the queen lay eggs and waiting for them to grow.

    I hope you’re having fun playing Bees!

  3. Cindy says:

    Great game, but the past 24 hours I keep getting kicked out when I hit play, tried rebooting still no luck, please fix Thanks:(

    • The fix for this will be in the next update, in a few days. It’s very rare, but with thousands of people playing now it happens to a few. Sorry but the only way to fix it before then is to delete Bees and get it again free from iTunes. If you happen to have bought any in-app purchases other than bee bread and royal jelly you’ll be able to get them again free. But all other progress will be lost.

  4. Barbara Hansell says:

    I downloaded and have enjoyed Bees, however now when I tap the daisy to start, it goes back to my desktop. Help!

    • Please wait for Bees 1.1 coming soon if you want to keep your progress. There is a rare problem that caused a few people to be unable to load the saved game file. If you want a quicker fix you can delete Bees and get it again free from iTunes. If you happen to have bought any in-app purchases they’ll be free to get again, but other game progress will be lost of you get it again.

  5. Heather says:

    When I open the Bee App and hit the arrow to play the game – the app shots off. I’ve tried rebooting my phone and it still doesn’t work. Played app for 3-4 days without this problem. Help…

    • Like the other reports about this, it is a rare problem that I have fixed, and it will be in the next update in a few days. The only way to fix it before then is to delete Bees and get it again free from iTunes. Sorry for the trouble.

  6. Wagner says:

    once you collect at least 2 desert honey jars the program gets messed up.
    you ant scroll to see all you collected honey jars and the jars are meshed together

  7. Donna says:

    The game just failed today. It will not let me reload the app either. What is the problem?

  8. Terry says:

    Having problem with screen freezing have over 100 bees will I lose them if I have to start over what about the coins keep or lose

    • Yes sorry the only way to fix it now is to delete and reinstall Bees, and you’ll lose your bees and go back to 100 coins if you do that. Are you running an older iPhone or iPod Touch? We have some fixes for older devices coming in soon.

  9. Maureen Kirkbride says:

    Can you tell me what the Bee Bread is for?

    • I’m glad to. Bee bread helps the bees eat. When they eat honey from a cell in the honeycomb, they use up one unit of bee bread (if they have any) and they gain twice as much energy. Bee bread can be used in smaller bits too, so if you eat a partly filled honey cell you only use up a part of a piece of bee bread, and gain twice as much energy.

  10. Cindy says:

    Tap on game won’t open just goes back to library screen

  11. Traute says:

    I have unlocked all levels. What are the requirements for completing the last level – Hawaiian Paradise? Every level before it gave me an indicator that told me I had enough bees, honey, and coins to move on. In the case of the last level, this would indicate that I have mastered the game. I am really enjoying the challenge but I don’t know how I will know if I won the game?

    • We have a new level coming soon! It’s called Lotus Pond. And after that, new levels coming frequently. I’m very glad you like playing. We have special missions coming soon too. Please rate Bees or Bees HD in iTunes so we can keep adding new levels and missions.

      • D P says:

        Really looking forward to Lotus Pond. Note about Hawaiian: on the iPad, flowers are so far apart (going from anthuriums to plumeria then to hibiscus) that I sometimes find it difficult to fly to a flower that I haven’t recently landed on. I have to use one hand to move the screen and the other ton tap a new flower. Maybe this isn’t on problem on smaller devices. But I have to set the device down so I can use both hands. Just to let you know. And 1700 bees. Wow!

      • When the bee is on a flower you can touch it and slide your finger in the direction you want it to go. Even if you can’t see one in that direction, she will fly that way and land on a flower.

      • D P says:

        Thanks! A light swipe works better in the iPad but it works great

  12. Terry says:

    Up to 1700 bees working on opening other fields, in using points to get energy for all bees, queen bee did not receive any. Love this game!

  13. Michaela says:


    I ask the same question about the Hawaiin Paradise level – can you actually complete this level? I’ve got hundreds of bees and 3 crates of honey! Tell me it comes to an end otherwise what is the point of trying to complete it!

    • Coming soon is the Lotus Pond. It sure sounds like you’ve completed the Hawaiian Paradise but it won’t tell you until there’s a new level to go to. We’re working very hard, and I’m glad you like playing Bees! Also coming in another update a little later will be missions within the levels so there will always be more to achieve.

  14. Cac777 says:

    Game is working great except for the farmers market. All of a sudden it went blank….and now I can’t do anything with the market. The rest of the game is working great.

    • Do you mean the whole screen went blank in the farmer’s market, or the items are faded? Items should be faded when you don’t have enough coins, so if you have less than 50 all of them should be faded. But you should still be able to read them and slide them up and down.

  15. Amy Jo says:

    How much honey do I need to unlock the Desert Bloom level? I can’t seem to get there. Thanks! By the way, I got this app for my daughter and I personally love it!

    • Hi Amy Jo, Sorry for the delay but I just got back from vacation with the family. It takes 16 jars to unlock the desert level, then 24 for Hawaiian Paradise and 34 for Lotus Pond. I’m glad you like playing Bees! Perhaps we should add popups when you tap the missing star to show what’s needed, or is it better as a little mystery?

  16. Sarah says:

    I can’t see all my crates of honey because they are blurred images on top of each other. Can this be fixed? Also I would LOVE to be able to use coins I earn for new jars in the farmers market… I love the game and the new lotus pond – I have 610 bees and find game addictive.

  17. Sarah says:

    I am almost up to 700 bees LOVE the game but now my crates of honey all run together and I keep getting the same two “new jars” given to me that I already have and today all my mature honey disappeared– I had enough for several jars and it completely disappeared. I am a little worried it will all crash and I will lose everything !!! please help!!

  18. Kathy says:

    I purchased all levels but lost them when I updated the app today (also lost all my stats). The upgrade wasn’t cheap so Obviously I want them back. How do I reinstate all my levels?

  19. anonymous? says:

    how many bees and honey jars do you need for the summer picnic field? because i keep on trying to add more honey jars and bees but the stars on the thing don’t pop up… can you make it so it would tell you the requirements on the thing?

    • 300 worker bees and 72 jars are needed to forage in the Summer Picnic level. I’ve just added those numbers to the space with the 3 stars – if a star is missing, it will tell you the number needed. It’ll be in the next update, coming soon.

  20. Nancy says:

    Hi. I love this game, got it for my grandchildren but have been having a great time myself!
    My problem is I can’t get my honey jars to fill. It worked at first but now they do nothing. I’m getting frustrated. Help.

    • Thanks for writing us! We have not heard of this problem and would love to help you solve it. Make sure you have 5 full honey hexes, and they are orange for mature, not yellow. If you do, where are you getting stuck? Does it allow you to go to the “fill a jar” where you select your 5 honeys?

  21. Nancy says:

    I figured it out. It was me, of course. Didn’t realize I had to tap on jar to fill.

    I love this game! My only concern is reading posts I saw there will be snakes. YIKES! I HATE them. I’m going to play that part with my eyes closed.

  22. Ellie says:

    I play this game on my iPad and love it. My only issue is I can’t seem to email a jar of honey. I click on the present and an email opens up I type in the recipients address and click on “send”. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everytthing right but the email does not go through. I would appreciate any help you can give.

    • Hi Ellie, I’m glad you like Bees HD! All I can suggest is test out other things that require an internet connection and that email account. If you can get that far and tap the send button, it should be exactly the same situation as if you just open Mail and send an email.

  23. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much for your quick response. It turns out I changed the password for my email account on my PC but forgot to change it on my iPad. The issue is now resolved. Thank you again and I intend to rate Bees 5 stars.

  24. Ajit poore says:

    How do you getbthe award for 10 jars per level. Does that mean 10 jar for each garden. I did at but got nothing. Maybe explaining what each award entails and how to get them.

  25. Nicole says:

    I would like to listen to my iPod function on my phone while still playing Bees. There doesn’t r seem to be an options menu. Other than that this is a pretty cool game. The sound thing may be a deal killer.

  26. Barbara says:

    i don’t understand the atomic mission. i’ve 22 jars and stll the count on the mission is 0 jars. i’ve got 10 daisy honey on the daisy pot. still 0 jars counted. also, the app is really unstable (it crashes continuously). a pity because i really enjoy the game. thanks in advance for any answer/improvement

    • The Atomic Jar Award is for collecting 10 jars from every flower field. So if there are any where you haven’t filled any jars, such as if you didn’t fill any jars from the Hawaiian Paradise, then it will say zero. To help figure out the crashes you’re getting, could you tell me what device you’re using? Such as an iPhone 4, or a 3rd generation iPod Touch. I’m glad you like playing Bees!

  27. Marleen says:

    Love this game, unfortunately I keep getting kicked out more often than not (playing on an Ipod touch). From the comments here I figure I might have to wait for an update.
    And I have one question: what is meant by relinquishing jars of honey, I can’t figure out what to do for that mission. Tried sending jars of honey but that did nothing for the count.

    • When you have enough jars to relinquish a button will appear there to let you give them up in exchange for a premium honey label. When you email jars or post them to Facebook that’s different, and you still get to keep those jars.
      What version of iPod Touch do you have? We test with a 1st generation, a 2nd, of course 4th and sometimes 3rd. You could try shutting down (hold both buttons in for a few seconds) and restarting.

  28. D P says:

    When I bought my Dragonfly Repellant it was forever. Why would there b a counter? Did the rules change?

    • I added the counter recently. If you bought it it’s forever and the counter isn’t supposed to be there in that case. Hopefully you still got it forever, that’s the important thing.

  29. MAF says:

    Just checking on the wordpress to make sure it works since someone in Bees HD said it doesn’t work. If the person sees this, please try again by scrolling down to the bottom to the wordpress site as we would love to troubleshoot your problem.

  30. penny says:

    Hi, love this game and rated 5 stars. One question, I purchased Faster Rewards but it only worked at 6 out of 11 gardens. The ones don’t work: japanese, desert, hawaii, summer, forest. Please help. I play it on my ipad.

    • Hi Penny, I’m glad you love the game! The way faster rewards works is there is normally a delay before another reward will appear, you have to land on a certain number of flowers first. Faster rewards eliminates the delay, but the rewards still show up randomly on an off-screen flower, so there’s still randomness in how soon you see one depending on which direction you’re going. In those levels the flowers are farther apart so it might seem like the rewards don’t show up faster. I’ll look into it.

  31. Karen says:

    How many jars of honey do you need to have to have enough to be relinquished? Is it a set # and it doesn’t matter which kind of honey, or do I need a certain # of the same kind of honey? I have 109 jars total and 25 jars of lotus and still don’t see a relinquish button.

    • Hi Karen, sorry for the delayed response! I was away for a long weekend and I haven’t done everything in the right order after getting back. It starts at 10 jars and they can be of any type. So if you go into “Missions” and then tap the bottom button, it should say “Relinquish 10 jars to get the Premium Honey Label” and there should be a big green “GO” button at the top right. Are you seeing a go button there?

  32. Ellie says:

    Even though I am filling jars of honey from the Lotus Pond – they show up as Hawaiian in the crate. Additionally, no matter what jar I select the same jar shows up. I play the game on my iPad. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you,

    • Sticky wicket apps says:

      Hi Ellie,
      I’m the artist for Bees, and the programmer is off for the weekend, so I’ll see if I can help. I just tested the current build to see if I could create a lotus jar on the ipad and I was able to. One thing that may be confusing is that the jars are not necessarily put in the order that they are made, but they are clustered into which level they are in. For instance, I have 6 crates, but my new lotus jar was put in the first crate. Use a unique jar if possible and look through your crates to make sure it’s their. If it isn’t showing up in any crate, please let me know what build you are playing on (what is the last level available to play). Also it may be helpful to let us know if you played to unlock the level, or paid to unlock the level.

  33. Sticky wicket apps says:

    Hi Ellie,
    I’m the artist for Bees, and the programmer is off for the weekend, so I’ll see if I can help. I just tested the current build to see if I could create a lotus jar on the ipad and I was able to. One thing that may be confusing is that the jars are not necessarily put in the order that they are made, but they are clustered into which level they are in. For instance, I have 6 crates, but my new lotus jar was put in the first crate. Use a unique jar if possible and look through your crates to make sure it’s their. If it isn’t showing up in any crate, please let me know what build you are playing on (what is the last level available to play). Also it may be helpful to let us know if you played to unlock the level, or paid to unlock the level.

  34. Felicity says:

    Hi first off let me say I love love love this game. It’s so much fun.
    My issue is that every since I updated my iPhone 4 the game has been freezing up on me. None of the other games I play are having this problem.
    I’ve tried closing out the game, restarting my phone, but since it’s only happinG with this one game I don’t know what to do.

    Any ideas??

    • Hi Felicity, I’m glad you love the game. Did you update to iOS 5? I hadn’t tried that until I got your message. I tried it this morning and now I can’t open any apps. The only advice I’ve found for this problem is to delete the app and reinstall, but it’s all my apps so I don’t want to do that. I’ll keep trying and let you know when I can get this working. At what point is Bees freezing up on you?

      • Felicity says:

        it freezes up when I try to go from flowers to the hive. Not all the time but about every 5th time. I did delete and re install but no luck. I did do the update but it hasn’t affected any other app except bees. Might just be the stupid update grrrrr

  35. Like Felicity, I have also noticed that my game freezes when I go from the fields to the hive. It also hesitates after finding a star, heart, gift, etc. It doesn’t do it every time, either. I’ve been hoping the update you guys are working on would fix the problem.

  36. Ann says:

    Could you pls make the holiday level optional for those of us that don’t celebrate holidays? Ty I really enjoy your game.

    • I’ll add a special option just for you πŸ™‚ Double-tap on something and then click “ok” and the new level won’t appear in the list. I’ll do it soon and let you know where I put it.

      • Sorry I couldn’t get this change in. After talking about it, we thought the number of people who would disable it accidentally would be too high. At least it’s the last one at the bottom, so you don’t have to scroll down that far.

  37. It worked! Thank you so much! And as a side note, I enjoy this game very much. And that’s saying something because I suffer from Apiphobia. I have to play with the sound off, but other than that, I’m enjoying the fact that I can ply the game with very little problem. πŸ™‚ thanks for making a such an engaging, fun game.

  38. how now brown cow says:

    Hi! I enjoy Bees played on my iPhone4. I’ve achieved all the levels thus far (pumpkin level is my fav) and anxiously await the holiday level. I have the Special Reserve Honey label. And finally reached 1000 bees (didn’t realize for the first half of the game that the queen could lay eggs anytime, without having jelly! – oh well)
    Here are my questions:
    1. When I enter the Game Center there are the lists of achievements and the points (this is how I determine what I want to work towards next). However regardless of what I do I cant seem to get the Fruit Salad award (5pts). I’ve tried 3 strawberries+2 orange (5 jars), 3 orange+2strawberries (5 jars), 1 orange+4 strawberries, etc. I’ve sold most of the jars for $ because they don’t seem to go towards the award. What combo do I need to get the award?
    2. Why do some of the honey-combs turn orange, but have no flower, and cant be used for energy?
    3. I think the bee keepers shop is kinda pricey (my opinion). How may dragon repellents do you get for $3 (just 1)?

    And just my opinion on some things:
    I like how the bees sorta fade in the hive when they run low on energy. I dont like the baseball field and evergreen forrest – the flowers are too spread out and the dragon fly keeps coming up from behind! And last, I wish that once you reached a certain level that each field could specialize in certain prizes (energy/repellent/extraworker bees/jelly/etc). That way you could pick which you wanted to go to depending on your needs.

    Thanks again for a fun game!

    • Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you like Bees! For your questions –
      1. This is a bug, sorry! I have it fixed and we’ll be submitting an update with the fix and with the holiday level soon.
      2. Honey-filled cells with no flower was an old bug that I thought I had fixed. I guess I fixed it most of the time but still not all the time. I’ll try again.
      3. For $2.99 you get infinite dragonfly repellent (actually, 10 million). In the next update we’re adding different units of dragonfly repellent, like the way bee bread and royal jelly are sold, and the price for the infinite supply will go up.

      For those levels where the flowers are more spread out, you can tap and swipe the bee to fly in any direction. That way you can go to a flower that’s not in view.

  39. How now brown cow says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. Wow! You guys are on the ball.

    So… If I by the dragon repellent before the next update then I keep the “infinite” supply forever?

    And one more question, if I have bees on my phone and my iPad, then is the repellent available in both?

    • Yes you keep the infinite supply forever. If you are playing Bees on different devices and you are logged into the same iTunes account, then when you buy it again it will be free. So you can buy it on another device, and iTunes will tell you at the last confirmation step that it is free. But Apple requires that they be different items in different games, so if you buy it in Bees then you can’t get it free in Bees HD or the other way around, sorry.

  40. msladymarch says:

    I can’t use some of the new jars I have been awarded as they are grayed out. Perhaps you can help me with this issue. I play Bees on my iPad. Thank you for your help.

    • Some jars are specific for a honey type. Especially the jars you can find only in the higher levels, but others too. They should be grayed out if you’re jarring mixed honey or honey of another type, and they should be available to use if you’re jarring the right kind of honey.

  41. Felicity says:

    I appreciate the original response however I just wanted to let you know it’s still freezing up when you travel from flowers to hive. Thanks for all your hard work I’m excited for the next level!

  42. Ellie says:

    I enjoy playing Bees on my iPad. I have completed all the levels and anxiously await the “Holiday” level.. I have a question regarding the jars. Of the 30 jars I have accumulated 14 of them are grayed out. Obviously, I can;t use the jars that are grayed out. I don’t think this is as it should be. I appreciate any help you can give.

    • Some of jars are for only a particular kind of honey. When you’re selecting a jar to fill with honey, all the jars for that kind are available, and also all the jars that can be used for any kind of honey. The jars that are specific to other honey types are grayed out. I’m glad you like playing Bees and have got so far.

  43. Is there a certain formula/ratio for mixing honey for the achievements in the game center? I have over 5 jars of strawberry-orange blend and still don’t have the fruit salad achievement.

  44. Bobbi says:

    Hi! Love the game but I am READY for the Holiday level!!
    I hope it is ready soon!

  45. Chris says:

    How do I exit from the Facebook “send honey” form? I logged in to Facebook and posted a jar of honey. I then received an error message inside the Facebook login screen which cannot be closed. I am now unable to play Bees. How do I rectify?

    • If you get stuck in the facebook page you can get out by closing and restarting Bees. To force an app to close, double-tap the home button. Then a list of open apps appears on the bottom of the screen. Press and hold one of them for a couple seconds, and they all get red minus signs in their corners. Tap the minus sign to close an app.

  46. Stacey says:

    The only sound that can be heard is the birds in the background and the ding when land on a heart. All other sounds are not present.

  47. Any chance of an update that would allow players to listen to iPod music in the game? I love the game (Holiday level rocks!), but I have to play with the sound turned off. Other games allow me to play and listen to my music. I would love to be able to that while playing Bees πŸ™‚

  48. Seriously, this is the best customer service I have ever experienced with an app! Thank you πŸ™‚ this game is my zen game and I’m glad you accept suggestions and requests from players! Happy Holidays!

  49. Christine says:

    It keeps removing jars of honey from my crates while I am away from the game. I have lost over three crates full of honey this way!

    • Sorry this is happening to you. I’ve never heard of it before. Are you playing Bees or Bees HD, and on what kind of device? And do you have the latest version (2.2, released a couple weeks ago)?

  50. Christine says:

    I’m on an iPhone, and my version is up to date. It did it once and I thought I miscalculated, but I started storing one crate of each type until the Japanese honey, and when I logged back in I only had 21 jars. Since then I’ve noticed it will take a couple jars when I log in, but not every time. It is not life or death, but it is a little frustrating and I did want to let you guys know.

  51. Sue says:

    On Nov.28 I contacted you about the bees not gaining energy when away from the game. Your response back was swift and you said you would look into this problem. I am still getting bee energy notifications for full energy, but no full energy. Would it help to reload the game or will i loose all I have done thus dar?

    • I have it fixed and it will be in the next update. This happens on some iPads and not others, I’m not sure how many. Hopefully the next update will be in soon. Deleting the game and getting it again will lose all your progress.

  52. Sue says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to the next update!

  53. Rose says:

    I really enjoy the game and have spent $6 in add-ons. However, the new full screen ads are very annoying, especially since I’ve already spent money on the game. Can you add a check into the ad engine that doesn’t display the ads if we have already spent money on the game? Because I am VERY disinclined to spend any more on new bottles,etc, if I also have to see ads.

  54. Judy says:

    Love the game please when having wait anywhere. I have completed all level and completed 39 of 39 Achievements however my final score is only 476 — I have 105350 coins and 14988 workers. How can I get those last10 points. Hope Valentines next level would like to see roses, and other flowers, candy hearts, chocolates, cupid etc

    • I’m glad you like Bees so much, and thanks for the Valentine’s suggestion. Game Center never removes an achievement, and Bees keeps track of the achievements on its own. So I think what must have happened is you got an achievement, it was reported to Game Center, and somehow Bees lost track of it. It must be 2 of the special mix achievements (5 points each) because nothing else could make you miss 10 points. So all I can suggest is try to get those again. Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve been focusing on getting our latest game out, Boomtown Boardwalk. It’s available now, and it’s free.

  55. Felicity says:

    Since the new update my bee app keeps crashing. It locks up when I try to go from flowers to my hive
    I’m playing on an iPhone

    Please fix this as its very annoying to have your screen lock up and have to exit the game and restart it every time I wanna turn in pollen

    • Felicity says:

      This is also the second time I’ve had this issue with this game sadly. The update before this last one fixed it then I up loaded the newest update an I am once gain not able to play. This is very frustrating as I play regularly.

      • Sorry you’re having stalls and crashes going back to the hive, I’ll keep trying to fix it. It showed up on iOS 5 in the fall and only on some iPhones. It happens rarely on my iPod Touch and not on my iPhone using iOS 5 and I don’t know why yet. I’ll keep trying.

      • Do you have iOS 5 and have you updated it recently? I saw pauses when going from flowers to the hive when I first upgraded to iOS 5, and then when I upgraded recently to the latest (5.0.1) they went away. But I don’t know what caused it, I never saw the problem before that.

  56. Deanna says:

    I have made it through the game and it was fun. However, the last level “Holiday” does not give me any clue of how many Bees or Jars to get.

    • Congratulations on getting to the last level! If you’re logged into Game Center there are achievements for collecting special things, and you can get premium honey labels and other stuff. There aren’t any more goals for the next level because you’ve made it to the last one.

  57. msladymarch says:

    Can you tell me how to get all of my progress in the game onto my new device. I had an ipad and now I have an iPad2. I sure would like to transfer my progress from the old to the new device and not have to start over. I Would appreciate any help you can give.


    • Hi Ellie,
      Sorry I haven’t got to this yet. It’s done with iCloud for iOS 5, so it’s a fairly new thing. I’ll try to find time to do it this weekend for the next update.
      – Nathan

  58. Deanna says:

    I’m at the Holiday level and it doesn’t tell me how many items I have to get???? Also, what is after this level.

  59. Marga says:

    My screen is has an ad for another game frozen in place over the Bees screen. The X to close the ad won’t function and I can even download the free game to getthe ad to go awat

    • Try updating Bees, or force it to close and restart it. Either one should work. We had a problem with popups for other games that was fixed with the last update. To force an app to close, double-tap the home button and then press and hold any of the apps along the bottom. Tap the minus sign, and it closes.

  60. Grace Forman says:

    Holiday Level. That’s it. Come on. Game not generating enough cash for you. Just working for achievements is boring, I want new levels.

    • It’s a lot of work to add a new level, and you’re right, the game is not generating enough cash, so we’re working on other games instead. I’m thinking of changing Bees to be more of a building game, so you start with a few honeycomb cells and then the worker bees have to spend time adding cells. What do you think about that?

  61. I would prefer to keep it just like it is. It would be nice to get a new level once in a while as you have time, though. I understand about having to work on the ones generating the money first and that’s why I say when you have time.

  62. Knightmareshade says:

    I just want to apologize to the developers for the rudeness of some of the comments. There seems to be a pervasive attitude today of entitlement and arrogance that is killing politeness and thoughtfulness. When you are demanding, you come across as a whiny little brat and no one is interested in helping someone who certainly should know better. I expect I’ll get some nasty remarks in response to this; the first reaction of a personality like this is to lash out.
    There are real people behind these games and apps. People trying to make a living, people who’ve given us amazing games. Think about it for just one moment, what it must take to make a game as fun and diverse as Bees. That is a lot of work and effort. They even took what was a way to make money for themselves, the dragonfly repellant, and made it do we could buy it without spending real money. A lot of work, time and effort went into this app.
    So, please, remember the manners your parents or guardians hopefully taught you. Remember the golden rule which is a part of every major religion for a reason. Be pleasant, ask nicely, treat others with respect. From the developers of this game, to the waitress that handles your food, if you are nice, say please and thank you, you will get more in return.

    TL;DR: Stop being a whiny, selfish, entitled b**** and people will be more willing to go the extra mile for you.

  63. Rose says:

    I know the developers have probably already considered this, but maybe they could charge for a new level. Offer new levels as paid add-ons. I would buy it (like I have bought the new jars and repellent)

  64. Terri Manning says:

    Great idea! I would also pay for new levels!

  65. Deanna says:

    Do you know how many bees etc are needed fir the kast level (holiday kevel). I cant seem ti get an answer.

    • If you didn’t get to the holiday level yet, then it should tell you with the little white numbers under the three stars where you’re choosing levels. If you’re already there, then that’s the last level and Game Center achievements are the thing to gain next.

  66. Felicity says:

    I can’t go from the flower screen to the hive anymore it keeps freezing up.
    I’m playing on an iPhone 4

  67. Loretta says:

    This game is my new favorite game(more fun than any others). πŸ˜‰

  68. Leslee says:

    I finished the holiday level… Is there an update?

  69. Susan says:

    I had a pop up advertisement from another game that I could not get to go away even with rebooting my iPad. I had to uninstall and reinstall my game. Now all of my progress is gone! Is there anyway to get it back?

    • Sorry but restarting the iPad isn’t the right thing to do. iPhones and iPads keep their running apps in the same state for when they turn back on. Restarting the app fixes that problem (double-tap the home button, and select it from the running apps at the bottom of the screen).

  70. Dawson says:

    This is awesome I am a bee keeper anyway
    Need some help I spent 4,000 coins on worker bees and should have 400 bees and only have 112 need some help please fix

    • Hi Dawson,

      Worker bees are 100 coins each in the Farmers’ Market, so for 4,000 coins you should get 40. You can grow them by having the queen lay eggs, and you can lose them by running into dragonflies, so there are other ways to get to 112 too. I’m glad you find Bees to be awesome!

      – Nathan

  71. Dale Rohe says:

    This is a really entertaining game. As a beekeeper it’s also nice to only have to worry about one pest (dragonfly) LOL. Will there be updates to this game? Maybe more gardens or stuff you can earn?

    Great job and thanks!

  72. phamm54 says:

    I like this little game. I do have a suggestion or 2. 1. Since the drone is cleaning out the cells, he should derive some of his energy from that. 2. The worker bees really do that & so they should be given the option of cleaning cells for energy instead if using up all their own stores. 3. The royal jelly, bees bread, etc. is being used when the worker bees get the honey for energy. How about not making it part of that? It should be a choice if the bees want more energy, fly faster, etc. or the queen gets to use it instead of honey stores to raise more brood! 4. Maybe this already is a part of the game later on, but what about bee hive choices, even from the beginning? There are at least 4 main types to choose in reality. I’d like to use different ones, be able to paint them my own choice of color, etc.

  73. jeanne says:

    When will the be available for android?

  74. phamm54 says:

    Queen did not energize; the others did. What gives?

  75. Massy says:

    I love this game u should try it :):):)

  76. Julie says:

    Love this game
    Would be even better if you had sounds that went with the different gardens πŸ™‚
    And more gardens

  77. Just jooles says:

    More gardens —–PLEASE!!!

  78. Julie says:

    Know I’ve asked before
    PLEASE πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!

  79. Mike says:


    I noticed your app has built in ‘Email to a friend’ functionality, but can’t seem to find any privacy policy information about how the email addresses that are used will be processed in terms of data protection (I checked in the app, on this site and in iTunes store). Do you have any details about this?


    • Hi Mike,

      It’s a standard Apple-provided popup that doesn’t give the app any information about the emails. Bees launches the email app with the images and some text inserted, and then Bees can’t get any information or control what happens until you exit the email app and go back to Bees. Thanks for asking.

  80. Kevin Hand says:

    I recently purchased my wife a used ipad to replace her dying iphone. We installed Bees again and she is starting fresh. We had the previously purchased the Forever Dragonfly Repelant and Faster Rewards. How do we reinstall them? Thank you. Kevin and Sally.

  81. Nathan says:

    I hope you dont mind my asking, but will you make a version of this for Android? This used to be my favorite app when I was younger and I really wanted to download it on my phone. Thank you!

    • I don’t mind at all, I’m glad you asked! I am planning to make a version for Android, but I don’t know how long it will be. I wrote Bees for iOS only, and I’m working on porting games to Unity, which works on Android. I hope to do that for Bees soon.

  82. pinky47479 says:

    I still play this game! If you could update to be compatible with iOS 11 that would be awesome!

  83. pinky47479 says:

    I still play this game! If you could update be compatible with iOS 11 that would be awesome!

  84. Jeannie P says:

    Any chance of updating Bees HD to work on iOS11?

  85. Damien says:

    Hey man, amazing app. Are you still active @ further development ?

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