Bees 2.2 and Bees HD 2.2 are now in iTunes. With this update your bees gain energy while you’re away, and there is a new level just for the holidays. Bees and Bees HD now have 12 flower levels.

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  1. Sophia Hislop says:

    My daughter and I have enjoyed the game tremendously. We are especially appreciative of the fact that now the bees get to regain their energy while we are not playing. However, the bees on my iPad (1st generation) only regain their energy half of the time. Sometimes even when there is a notice sent to my iPad that says “your bees have regained energy,” they actually are not. I’d be most grateful if you could look into the matter. This problem does not happen to my game on the iPhone at all. Many thanks for your kind attention.

    • I’m glad you like Bees! I’ve heard of this happening sometimes but I’ve never been able to get it to happen. The artist I work with (I’m the programmer) can get it to happen sometimes on her iPad 1, but I haven’t yet. I’ll keep trying so I can find it and fix it.

  2. Debbie says:

    I love the Bee Game! I’m on the Holiday Level and have 48 Repellents and have NOT seen one dragonfly! Does one keep going continuously or is there a glitch? I play it on the iPhone 4.

    • There are no dragonflies in the holiday level. It’s a gift for people who make it that far.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know. It`s great to have the reward of no dragonflies!
      I worked hard at it to get to the Holiday Level for month of December and I got there!
      I love the colors and sounds on the levels. I did, however, think the music for the Holiday Level would have been more lively, especially getting to that Level.

  3. Brynn says:

    How do you unlock the “holiday” level? I have been dying to play it. What does it take?

    • Hi Brynn, When you see the list of levels, for the first few seconds there are numbers under the three spaces for stars that tell you how many more of each thing are needed for the next level. I don’t remember how many are needed, but you can see those numbers for how many more bees, jars or coins you need for the next level.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Very fun game. Wish it would come back in to the App Store for 2020

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